Electric box’s new design

As you can understand from my blog I don’t like all the things that ruin the city’s  landscape with his shape and grayish colour, for example electric boxes. A good solution was adopted by the artist Joshua Callaghan who applies to urban infrastructure, like electricity boxes, digitally printed adhesive.




On them there are represented scenes that depict the landscape that is hidden behind in order to make a kind of optical illusion. In this way the electric box integrates with the surrounded urban scene.



Other examples of this idea is made by decorating electric box like everyday objects. This makes the city nicer and less eyesore.painted-book-shelve-electrical-box

Also Anderson Augusto e Leonardo Delafuente made some works like this reproducing on electric boxes  playing cards:




To apply printed adhesive that makes optical illusion can be used by street marketing. here an example




Reverse graffiti project

Many times we have listened discussion about murals and graffiti  because they are considered vandalism by someone and work of art by other. Projects Reverse graffiti can be a solution that puts all agree. It is a method of creating graffiti on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. The idea came from English artist Paul Curtis (Moose) who created clean street art on the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel.
You can make murals, graphics or graffiti tags anywhere you wanted (also on shop’s roller shutterlike in the photo) and legally . The tools aren’t  paints or spray but stencils, cleaners and pressure-water.
This remembers me “dirty art car”.
Using stencil with the brand’s shape you can made street marketing . The example below spreads a clear message: for a cleaner city. In order to send the message that the new smart mhd reduces the emission and prevents pollution of the city they used the city itself as the medium:

Julian Beever and the art floor

A kind of street art is the one made on the floor: FLOOR ART. A famous exponent of this is Julian Beever, an artist who is incredible able to draw pavements in the streets.

The most amazing characteristic of his images is their  three dimensionality when the views see from the correct angle. He reproduces many subjects like eroes, animals, landscapes and also selfportraits. I remember that when I was young walking in the centre of Milan, my city, I saw similar street art that were called “madonnari” because represented religious subjects. Also they were amazing because of the ability of the artist to create an impression of 3 dimensions from one particular viewpoint with simple tools: coloured chalks and a sidewalk.

 As many examples in this blog also Julian Beever technique can be use on a marketing profile making with it a kind of advertisement (look to coca-cola bottle or the computer here below).coke1portab31




Also Kurt Wenner is another artist who uses the same Beever’s technique especially also for advertising.smart

They aren’t  alone in the field of floor art because we can have some painting from India. Here it is called Rangoli It is a form of sandpainting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colours, and is used commonly outside homes in India. Rangoli can be wall art as well as floor art. We can see how street art can belong to different culteres.420987_f520


Urban fornitures in exhibitions

An object that belongs to interior design but also outdoor design is the chair/bench. We are full of examples of chair’s design exhibitions but some designer put an attention also on “chair for the street”: the benches.  


Spaghetti bench

An example is the works made by  Pablo Reinoso. He created “the spaghetti bench” which is a bench manipulated by a study on design. This work is a proof of what many times happens when we discuss about design: there is a very fine boundary between art and design. In fact in Reinoso’s work it is difficult to distinguish an artistic intervention from  a study of a project. His project can be also considerate works of arts because with design he transmits also a message. For example in  The Spaghetti Bench its inspiration is from the universal park bench “everyone has sat on a bench like this, some have been kissed on one, others have waited for their kid on one, they are common to everybody” but also he adds a meaning, you can interpret his work. For example the work can underline how man can put order in the nature’s caos; how “the human intervention of the manufacture once again triumphs over the straight lines of the traditional park bench”. “The benches are not only conceptual works but also feats  of handcrafted dexterity”.

Other works

aluminium bench

Aluminium bench

Double bench

Double bench



Art Car

If you think to a thing that invades our cities you probably mention CARS, don’t you???

We all know that great studies focus on car’s design under profile of safety and security, dynamics, comfort and also under a business one….but here I want to show you a kind of design opposed to the one that we have in our mind…it is a mixture of design and art: ART CAR.

Lego art car
Lego art car


Graphiti art  car
Graphiti art car


Sea shells car art
Sea shells car art

This are some examples…for me the best and funniest but in this blog you can find infinite other examples.I found a definition of this on Wikipedia : “An art car is a vehicle that has its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression”. Most car artists are ordinary people; this people, that transform their cars, seems to participate to a competition or to come out from the musical “Grease” in the scene where Danny and his friends remake their car’s design.

Greased lightning from "Grease"
Greased lightning from Grease




 My favourite art car drive is called dirty car art by Scott Wade’s, a creative man who transform car’s dust into art!!! he “paint” on motoring rear windows everything he wants from landscape to famous personality or famous masterpiece of art. Before wash your car called him! Maybe this can change us and we will be not obsessed by car-wash.;-)


A break on the sidewalk

In the first posts a spoke about that our cities are characterized by a frenetic way of life…look to this two citizens, thanks to an idea of design, they can live for a moment in a city were people are not  forced by fast rhythms. I will explain.6a00d834522c5069e200e54f20015a8833-800wi

The work presented here was made by Maya Goldberg, a recent graduate of the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. It’s is a cup holder with an adjustable clamp integrated into the cup holder. You can use it hanging it at sidewalk light pole and have an instant bar for socializing and stopping your busy city-life-day.6a00d834522c5069e200e54f1ffe968833-800wi1

It is called Claim(p) because combine “claim” and “clamp” into one idea, in fact the aim of the urban cup holder is to encourage people to reinterpret street settings and claim them as their territory, instead of just using them as a passage. It can also be a kind of business for all those pubs that collect people drinking outside in front of them.

“Manipulation” of a barrier

After the hangers we can “recycle” and transform (to manipulate with design) a barrier, usually used in the streets, into a bench. This idea belongs to the French designer Philippe Million: it may prevent passage, but it also offers a place to rest and it is little more inviting than the standard one.




This idea was presented for the MOMA’s recent exhibition, “SAFE: Design Takes on Risk” that explored our need for safety through a collection of contemporary designs that addressed physical protection, emergency preparedness and access to information. “We live in a dangerous world, but fear is no reason to abandon innovation: good design and a little humour are key elements of personal comfort, a way to exorcise the tension.” I think that this kind of project is a good one…have a look to this web-site, I would suggest you, I find it interesting. 

Urban idleness

wirebench3Wirebench (in photo) is a new kind of bench for urban furniture invented by the young designer Simon Daniel Brown. Just graduated he won RSA Winner Award 2007 for his creation, because of refined and singular design. This bench is entirely made of wire clothes hanger. The design is modular, full of straight, short curve, and long curve segments that can be joined and arranged in adaptable formations to fit a number of environments.(as the example here). simon2Components are set in order to discourages people from sleeping, but also is made in order to permit people to be social and to converse with other thank to his shape: people can choose to interact or not be disturbed depending on exactly where on the structure they sit. An other characteristic is that it is good for open space because it let the dirt and rain pass through, keeping the bench clean. I think that it’s full of positive aspects but I’m not so sure that it could be so comfortable. 😉

Less grey…more colour!

In Brazil there are two artists that tried to give colour to the grey urban asphalt. This idea belongs to Anderson Augusto e Leonardo Delafuente, that in San Paolo, they coloured objects which makes up the urban scenario like: manholes covers,  sidewalks, storm drains and light posts. This is absolutely street art that improves their city’s appearance and makes happy the everyday walk of thousand of people. They demonstrate that somenthing of the urban scenery wich is forgotten by all, like a gutter, can become a piece of art. The two artist, in this way started the project called 6meia, with the purpose of changing and transforming daily life. It’s called “6meia” because at this moment the the hands of the clock look to bent, and if you behave like them you can see their works.

As you can see they don’t just paint anything, random faces and objects, but they even make some pieces inspired by classic paintings and movies (as Robin and Batman!)


This project was used also to make adevertising about shoes: another example of MARKETING &DESIGN !!!


City in love…

In many cities during S. Valentine’s day many traffic lights are designed like red hearts.

Bruxelles, Barcellona, Paris are some examples. Someone are made by adhesives but maybe this can be in some way dangerous (maybe the drivers don’t see very well the lights)…















so in order to develope this unusual idea some traffic lights are themself heart-shaped. We can hope that someone can  stop in the name of love!!!

Also some smiles can adorne the cicle: here there is an example situated in Cambridge. Also the flowers near it are very lovely.

Other shapes:



It makes feel a sense of fun, it’s seems to live a good and happy town





When i went to London i photographed an other unusual traffic light…it seems to arrive from the medivial time, but it belongs to our days in one of the most beautiful modern cities: London.


Photo by Sabrina Ronchese (London)