2) Markenting&Design in the streets

Usually  people don’t like take the time looking at and even read advertisements. In order to make an impression on the consumers some companies, instead, are helped by design using some advertising campaigns that are very good IDEAS.

With an innovative and amazing design marketing can make more profits.



Here some examples to convince you



This adevertisement was hung in Stazione Centrale in Milan. In addiction to make publicity it is an announcement of one Milan’s characteristic: a kind of welcome to “the city of aperitivo”.


To clarify my idea I found an other example on internet.smart_l

It’s about the European launch of the Smart car. It is located on a bridge in Rotterdam, Holland. Everything looks normal when the bridge is closed, but when the bridge opens, the Smart Car appears to jumps from one side to the other. This type of advertisement can capture fast the attention: the power and the speed of the new smart could be seen from miles away. And this thanks also to the design’s studies.

other example where the message is very clear 🙂


Here a bilboard made by mc’donalds that, with a clever design, sends a message: let go to mc’donald every hour and a sundial will indicates the best snacks to satisfy your appetite.


Innovative advertising’s design in Milan

When I was walking in Milan, my city, I also met some examples of this kind of innovative and particular advertising that I’m explaining.

The first is placed near columns of San Lorenzo. It advertises a cell phone that makes video that can be uploaded easily on YouTube. In this kind of billboard it is shown a design of a cell and its screen is made by real led that reproduces a video. I took some pictures:

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese


Here below there is a very funny “walking” advertising . I want to notice how people around the two boy are amazed. I think that the message can reach better the potenial comsumers if you are able to tikle them: probably the will remember yuor brand better…

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese

Photo made by Sabrina Ronchese



It’s a method of marketing that promote a product via projections on building’s walls of the city. Here some examples:

This kind of advertising isn’t made by a billboard but with projections on the wall. This represents the advertising campaign about the movie “Batman”. I think that this beam of light are amazing and can easily convince people to go to the cinema and see it



Here we have another examples by Birra Moretti(Milan area Navigli). Using the technology of projections here we have also a capacity to adapt the images to the building’s framework (video designer and sound designer). I want to underline how people are involved! In my opinion is a good project on  language of Communication. Take a look…


 Also urban fornirnitures and the design that i descrbe in my blog can be used for impressive advertisements


look at this funny idea:


♦ BUS ♦:

Here there are examples of buses redisigned in order to amaze potential clients:











Here below it seems a real showroom oudoor installed by ikea  




Have you ever seen your face on a stamp? 😉




And do you want to become a real cover-models?







Interactive advertising :

I think that another way to impress your potential clients is to interact with them.




In this interactive billboard the pedestrians can send a message with their phone and it will be reproduced into the balloon


In this kind of billboard below people can interact with it using their cell phone via Bluetooth interface. You have only to go in front of this LCD screen and to “spray” digital graffiti with your phone.





I think that this speaks for itself 😛



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