3) What’s up in Milan?

                          Urban screen

Mediatecture is a form of archtecture that merges design and new media. Milan has an example in Duomo’s square with an enormous screen that comunicates, colours and  colloquises with the city. It’s a project that wants to improve the city on architecture and media profile.








           Waiting for Santa Claus


Merry Christmas from Milan!!! 1 500 000€ will be paid for christmas illuminations.

The Commune will choose among 85 projects of illumintions presented by artist and designers.Also that beautiful lights spread in the streets are creations of some designers, how will be this years??  

 I really liked the lights that decorated Castello Sforzesco last year: they were like water-falls hanging beside its wall and on others building’s walls.

Castello Sforzesco...it seems frozen

Castello Sforzesco...it seems frozen

Volta Galleria Vittorio Emanuele illuminated

Volta Galleria Vittorio Emanuele illuminated




 Maybe for this years i would choose christmas colours like green, red and gold and i would focus my attention on creating the most beautifull silhouettes…



            A “tram” from the future

Yesterday  19-11-2008 I found on “Il Sole- 24 ore” an article about  the design contest “Destination 2018 – Urban Transport of the Future, between reality and imagination: a tramway for Milan, Turin and Rome”. alstom-22



This project has been directed by Alstom and IED-Istituto Europeo di Design (it acts in Training and Research in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communications; today is an International Network, based in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona and Saint Paul) in relation to Torino World Design Capital. The students that participated were subdivided into three teams and they had to develop a tramway project meeting the characteristics and needs the Italian cities are projected to have in 2018. The Milanese team proposed a very innovative work with a modern design characterised by luminosity, thanks to research on and the use of transparency and large space that transmit a sense of freedom and comfortable. They arrived second after the Rome’s project. Among the members of the jury, and one of the main supporter of this initiative, Xavier Allard, SVP Design&Styling in Alstom Transport, has commented: “The will of promoting this contest underlines the attention that Alstom is giving to design in the study and definition of its products. Students of a school such as IED are creators and accelerators of new ideas and at the same time privileged observation points into the future.”







  Luigi Bocconi University in Milan wins

 World Building of the year at WAF 08


Luigi Bocconi University in Milan is the winner of the World Building of the Year award at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, Spain. It’s located between viale Bligny e via Roentgen, projected by Yvonne Farrell e Shelley McNamara that belong to  Irish study Grafton Architects. The works started in 2002 and the building was concluded in 2008 costing 100 million €. It will have 1000 offices, 50 meeting rooms, 1  Aula Magna for 1000 people embedded in the plan, 1 foyer on two level  that will  show exhibition of contemporary art.ros20kavanagh_aula

The aim was to make a space at the scale of the city Milan, a big urban space: the city is rugged, robust defensive solid, they wanted to make a building like this. They fix the stone directly to the substructure, so that the ceppo walls have a weighty monolithic quality. They wanted this building to feel like a piece of Milan, not an import. What the jury appreciated was that “ the project emphasizes the public and social characteristics of academy’s life e his relation with the city and the world, no visual boundary confine between the public world and the university. The architects, although weren’t milanese, were able to use local material in the use of spaces and lights.”






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