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T. Russo

“Il design metropolitano esprime i ritmi ossessivi delle metropoli con colori assurdi e alluncinanti” Tommaso Russo    I think that this phrase expresses very well the theme of this blog. I read this in a Tommaso Russo’s boutique in the centre of Milan  (he is a contemporary artist who draws on objects in a particular way) but the theme that I want to analyse isn’t about fashion design or objects design but urban design, especially in relation to milan and other cities wich are particulary interesting and innovative under this profile.

As regards the meaning of the sentence…does it say something which is true or not? In the most famous and biggest city does the design show and reflect how is the city in all his characteristics? through this blog I hope to give an answer to these questions…so…I will analyse the citylandscapes, also walking in the streets of my city:Milan! It’s the city of fashion & design so why don’t observe its intrisic design??? I will start a trip in many cities looking for design furnitures and what designers suggest about it and particular architecture and that, in some cases, can suggest a way to better also my city…





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