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Bike rack’s “manipulation”

6a00d834522c5069e200e5541f0a058833-800wiThis bicycle racks are designed by David Bryne and installed in various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Here, in my opinion, we have another example of commingling of art and design. His bike rack designs are “based around the “personalities” of each neighborhood”. It’s a good idea that can be adapted to every city in order to identify the characteristics of every area.

Of course this kind of design can become an advertising




or a sign that indicates a place like a theatre, a bar, a museum, a cinema…





Comparing bus stops

Many bus stops don’t have adequate seating and passengers are left to sit on the ground. The designer Catherine Pena designed this simple bus stop that utilizes the electric poles to attach on and her aim was “to construct environmentally friendly, efficient, and streamline seating for people who use public transportation, to give passengers a sense of authority and autonomy by providing an elevated vantage point a position of honor”.  



 I’m agree when she says that the passengers take a position of honor…it’s seems a throne… but in my opinion this is very essential and simply stop bus so if you aspect the bus in the stop bus below you should feel more of a king on a throne…an emir. In fact here we are in Dubai, luxurious city in the middle of the desert. The particularity of this bus stop is that it is air-conditioned. Also the shape and its design make it very innovative and suitable for the city-landscape of Dubai. 



Tree bike

In those days the Milanese can see the new “bikeMi” going round the city. bikemi1

This bicycles belong to a Municipal project started on 3th December 08 based on sharing bike. It is a new public transport of the city.

This fact made me thought about how designer can, with a study on design, carry out a secure system for bike’s parking, because bike theft is problem in cities. Surfing on the net after the vertical garden  I found the tree bicycle racks, but here we don’t have leaves but only bikes. Bike Tree’s concept helps to alleviate this problem by raising bikes up and out of reach of bike thieves. tree_bikeThe project incorporates a locking mechanism that would use your fingerprint as a key.121139_uow20hn5slzx8out78unc3yoeI think that it could be a good idea but I can’t imagine a technological and also expensive (I suppose) installation like it in Milan. Maybe we can see it in cities like Dubai.

Art Car

If you think to a thing that invades our cities you probably mention CARS, don’t you???

We all know that great studies focus on car’s design under profile of safety and security, dynamics, comfort and also under a business one….but here I want to show you a kind of design opposed to the one that we have in our mind…it is a mixture of design and art: ART CAR.

Lego art car
Lego art car


Graphiti art  car
Graphiti art car


Sea shells car art
Sea shells car art

This are some examples…for me the best and funniest but in this blog you can find infinite other examples.I found a definition of this on Wikipedia : “An art car is a vehicle that has its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression”. Most car artists are ordinary people; this people, that transform their cars, seems to participate to a competition or to come out from the musical “Grease” in the scene where Danny and his friends remake their car’s design.

Greased lightning from "Grease"
Greased lightning from Grease




 My favourite art car drive is called dirty car art by Scott Wade’s, a creative man who transform car’s dust into art!!! he “paint” on motoring rear windows everything he wants from landscape to famous personality or famous masterpiece of art. Before wash your car called him! Maybe this can change us and we will be not obsessed by car-wash.;-)


At the bus stop

How many times we have to wait the bus, also for too much time??? Sometimes during this boring waiting we have to be standing, because of the little space that doesn’t permit the installation of a bus stop with a seat. In some cases, maybe, we all need something to lean on, so Maruja Fuentes of San Juan, Puerto Rico, developed “Leanwall” for public spaces. They are innovative furnitures created for public spaces where, instead of sitting, an individual can comfortably lean against it for support. It is composed of two modular panels made of recycled ABS plastic that are identically shaped. These pieces fit together like a puzzle. Together, they can transform a space, creating infinite patterns. They can be used either individually or in a composition. We are all in favour of anything that makes waiting for the bus more comfortable.



The design from Maruja Fuentes is a very smart solution for a public problem and it suggests to seat in a new way.





A interview to Leanwall’s designer Maruja Fuentes