Comparing bus stops

Many bus stops don’t have adequate seating and passengers are left to sit on the ground. The designer Catherine Pena designed this simple bus stop that utilizes the electric poles to attach on and her aim was “to construct environmentally friendly, efficient, and streamline seating for people who use public transportation, to give passengers a sense of authority and autonomy by providing an elevated vantage point a position of honor”.  



 I’m agree when she says that the passengers take a position of honor…it’s seems a throne… but in my opinion this is very essential and simply stop bus so if you aspect the bus in the stop bus below you should feel more of a king on a throne…an emir. In fact here we are in Dubai, luxurious city in the middle of the desert. The particularity of this bus stop is that it is air-conditioned. Also the shape and its design make it very innovative and suitable for the city-landscape of Dubai. 




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