Electric box’s new design

As you can understand from my blog I don’t like all the things that ruin the city’s  landscape with his shape and grayish colour, for example electric boxes. A good solution was adopted by the artist Joshua Callaghan who applies to urban infrastructure, like electricity boxes, digitally printed adhesive.




On them there are represented scenes that depict the landscape that is hidden behind in order to make a kind of optical illusion. In this way the electric box integrates with the surrounded urban scene.



Other examples of this idea is made by decorating electric box like everyday objects. This makes the city nicer and less eyesore.painted-book-shelve-electrical-box

Also Anderson Augusto e Leonardo Delafuente made some works like this reproducing on electric boxes  playing cards:




To apply printed adhesive that makes optical illusion can be used by street marketing. here an example




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