Reverse graffiti project

Many times we have listened discussion about murals and graffiti  because they are considered vandalism by someone and work of art by other. Projects Reverse graffiti can be a solution that puts all agree. It is a method of creating graffiti on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. The idea came from English artist Paul Curtis (Moose) who created clean street art on the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel.
You can make murals, graphics or graffiti tags anywhere you wanted (also on shop’s roller shutterlike in the photo) and legally . The tools aren’t  paints or spray but stencils, cleaners and pressure-water.
This remembers me “dirty art car”.
Using stencil with the brand’s shape you can made street marketing . The example below spreads a clear message: for a cleaner city. In order to send the message that the new smart mhd reduces the emission and prevents pollution of the city they used the city itself as the medium:

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  1. rebelnightshade on

    This looks great..though its art, thats
    still a lot of dirt to clean =)

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