Julian Beever and the art floor

A kind of street art is the one made on the floor: FLOOR ART. A famous exponent of this is Julian Beever, an artist who is incredible able to draw pavements in the streets.

The most amazing characteristic of his images is their  three dimensionality when the views see from the correct angle. He reproduces many subjects like eroes, animals, landscapes and also selfportraits. I remember that when I was young walking in the centre of Milan, my city, I saw similar street art that were called “madonnari” because represented religious subjects. Also they were amazing because of the ability of the artist to create an impression of 3 dimensions from one particular viewpoint with simple tools: coloured chalks and a sidewalk.

 As many examples in this blog also Julian Beever technique can be use on a marketing profile making with it a kind of advertisement (look to coca-cola bottle or the computer here below).coke1portab31




Also Kurt Wenner is another artist who uses the same Beever’s technique especially also for advertising.smart

They aren’t  alone in the field of floor art because we can have some painting from India. Here it is called Rangoli It is a form of sandpainting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colours, and is used commonly outside homes in India. Rangoli can be wall art as well as floor art. We can see how street art can belong to different culteres.420987_f520



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  1. rebelnightshade on

    Awesome blog, I love this type of art

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