Urban fornitures in exhibitions

An object that belongs to interior design but also outdoor design is the chair/bench. We are full of examples of chair’s design exhibitions but some designer put an attention also on “chair for the street”: the benches.  


Spaghetti bench

An example is the works made by  Pablo Reinoso. He created “the spaghetti bench” which is a bench manipulated by a study on design. This work is a proof of what many times happens when we discuss about design: there is a very fine boundary between art and design. In fact in Reinoso’s work it is difficult to distinguish an artistic intervention from  a study of a project. His project can be also considerate works of arts because with design he transmits also a message. For example in  The Spaghetti Bench its inspiration is from the universal park bench “everyone has sat on a bench like this, some have been kissed on one, others have waited for their kid on one, they are common to everybody” but also he adds a meaning, you can interpret his work. For example the work can underline how man can put order in the nature’s caos; how “the human intervention of the manufacture once again triumphs over the straight lines of the traditional park bench”. “The benches are not only conceptual works but also feats  of handcrafted dexterity”.

Other works

aluminium bench

Aluminium bench

Double bench

Double bench




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