City in love…

In many cities during S. Valentine’s day many traffic lights are designed like red hearts.

Bruxelles, Barcellona, Paris are some examples. Someone are made by adhesives but maybe this can be in some way dangerous (maybe the drivers don’t see very well the lights)…















so in order to develope this unusual idea some traffic lights are themself heart-shaped. We can hope that someone can  stop in the name of love!!!

Also some smiles can adorne the cicle: here there is an example situated in Cambridge. Also the flowers near it are very lovely.

Other shapes:



It makes feel a sense of fun, it’s seems to live a good and happy town





When i went to London i photographed an other unusual traffic light…it seems to arrive from the medivial time, but it belongs to our days in one of the most beautiful modern cities: London.


Photo by Sabrina Ronchese (London)



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