Street’s art/design

Panettoni (Photo by Sabrina R.)

Panettoni (Photo by Sabrina R.)

Have you ever notice in Milan those strange objects that have the function of no parking called “panettoni”?



Those roadside bollards are designed by Enzo Mari but Pao, a street artistis, in 2000 trasformed them into something wich revives Milan’s underground scene and the pedestrian’s curiosity thanks to their colours and creativity. “Panettoni” changed into “penguins”. Have a look at the reason!
Penguin (Photo by Sabrina R.)

Penguin (Photo by Sabrina R.)










They became something simbolic in Milan’s street, changing desolate corners of city life onto oases of colour.  His sculptures spring from an observation of contemporary society and the grey inertia of everyday life in Milan directed the artist to respond with the fluorescent colours that tipify his work.  











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