Zebra crossing

Here there some example of a decorative design applied on very nice pedestrian crossing. They belong to a project called “Sentieri Urbani” by Adriano design.

Sentieri Urbani

Sentieri Urbani

zebra crossing
zebra crossing
The philosophy that stays under this project, and i really completely agree with that, is about communicating cities’ identity throughout existing material. Sentieri Urbani communicates city’s identity, culture, history and local differences and places without over-adding signs. Sentieri Urbani removes material from our codified communication system but gives more information that look different depending on the point of you, position and the SPEED you are moving around the city. “You can feel and see it in a ‘slow’ way or in a fast ‘way’. It decorates the city and gives you pleasant input while looking at the city but only going round in a ‘slow’ way (by foot or bike), otherwise if you go fast you almost cannot feel this decoration at all”.

Zebra crossing

Zebra crossing




I think that there is some truth in that and thinking about T. Russo sentence i discover there are different opinion as regards urban design: a frenetic one opposed to a pleasant one.








They are also visible through photography by satellite and from Google Earth:







It is useful for a safety reason because it increases street fiction and reduces material, it is visibl e, recognizable, simply and clearly readable.




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