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At the bus stop

How many times we have to wait the bus, also for too much time??? Sometimes during this boring waiting we have to be standing, because of the little space that doesn’t permit the installation of a bus stop with a seat. In some cases, maybe, we all need something to lean on, so Maruja Fuentes of San Juan, Puerto Rico, developed “Leanwall” for public spaces. They are innovative furnitures created for public spaces where, instead of sitting, an individual can comfortably lean against it for support. It is composed of two modular panels made of recycled ABS plastic that are identically shaped. These pieces fit together like a puzzle. Together, they can transform a space, creating infinite patterns. They can be used either individually or in a composition. We are all in favour of anything that makes waiting for the bus more comfortable.



The design from Maruja Fuentes is a very smart solution for a public problem and it suggests to seat in a new way.





A interview to Leanwall’s designer Maruja Fuentes





Manhole covers

Many times, when we think to cities the colour that we associate to them is grey and all the things appear switched off!  Apart the buildings and the cement or the asphalt of the street there are other elements or objects situated in the streets that don’t appear very nice to our eyes….for example the manholes covers!!! But design can improve them and “switch on”!!!  In most cities you probably don’t notice the presence of manhole covers in the planty of visual things that surrounds you, these maybe are some exception: I discovered there are creative manhole covers all around the world.





Here there are examples of strangely legal urban street art from artistic Japanese manhole covers. In Japan they put great attention on urban furniture and to make more attractive their city; something wich is simple and ordinary can become something beautiful and creative. The manhole covers’ design are spread and all the cities is different from the others on floral motif or characters. 


Design can focus also on the form…

which manhole cover do you prefer???


T. Russo

“Il design metropolitano esprime i ritmi ossessivi delle metropoli con colori assurdi e alluncinanti” Tommaso Russo    I think that this phrase expresses very well the theme of this blog. I read this in a Tommaso Russo’s boutique in the centre of Milan  (he is a contemporary artist who draws on objects in a particular way) but the theme that I want to analyse isn’t about fashion design or objects design but urban design, especially in relation to milan and other cities wich are particulary interesting and innovative under this profile.

As regards the meaning of the sentence…does it say something which is true or not? In the most famous and biggest city does the design show and reflect how is the city in all his characteristics? through this blog I hope to give an answer to these questions…so…I will analyse the citylandscapes, also walking in the streets of my city:Milan! It’s the city of fashion & design so why don’t observe its intrisic design??? I will start a trip in many cities looking for design furnitures and what designers suggest about it and particular architecture and that, in some cases, can suggest a way to better also my city…




Hello design!